Enhanced Rider Scheme surrey

Enhanced Rider Scheme surrey

The enhanced rider scheme is a useful practical means of improving your motorcycle skills for those who have already passed their basic test. If you are already a fully licensed motorcyclist, then you can look to the enhanced rider scheme as a means of improving your skills and also of getting a qualification regarding where your skills reside currently. Both of these can be very important for many bikers, and it is something that a lot of people consider once they have passed their CBT test and want to continue to learn. If you are thinking of getting into the enhanced rider scheme in Surrey, you need look no further than us.


The first part of the procedure is to have an assessment carried out to see where you are currently. This alone is a great reason to do the enhanced rider scheme, as it allows you to see where you are and where you might need improvement. This assessment is a part of the cost of the whole, and also helps to dictate exactly what we will do for the remainder of the scheme too. For a lot of motorcyclists, just having that assessment can help to figure out where they are, and to give them a confidence boost if it turns out that they are doing well. If you come to us for your enhanced rider scheme in Surrey, you can be sure that we will carry out this assessment fairly and accurately.

Improve Your Riding

The main purpose of the enhanced rider scheme, of course, is to try and improve your riding. So if you are in a position where you are returning to biking after a long time away, or you have just passed your test, then it might be a good time to try and take this scheme and improve your riding considerably. Similarly, you might want to do it if you are thinking of upgrading to a more powerful bike, or you have recently done so. Being able to improve your riding in this way is absolutely going to be important, so it’s something that you are going to want to consider - and we are able to help you out there if you are looking for the enhanced rider scheme in Surrey.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Another great benefit to taking out the enhanced rider scheme is that you can expect to reduce your insurance costs. Those premiums are always going to go down if you can show that you have carried out your enhanced rider scheme. So even for the small cost that you will be paying upfront for the scheme, you are probably going to save money in the long run anyway. This is a major advantage for anyone, and certainly a main reason to look into trying out this enhanced rider scheme at some point or another.

If you are looking for the enhanced rider scheme in Surrey, give us a call today. We will be happy to talk it through with you.

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