Motorbike tests sussex

Motorbike tests sussex

When you're ready to take your motorbike test, then look no further. Motorbike tests in Sussex are available and you can book yours now.

If you've done all your training but are not sure what to expect, then don't worry. When it comes to your motorbike test in Sussex, there are two modules, and you can take them either together or separately, but you must pass the first one before you take the second.

In module one, you must complete 15 minutes of exercises, including a U-turn, Slalom, Figure of eight, and swerve and brake tests. You will also have an eyesight test, where you will have to read a number plate to prove that you meet the eyesight requirements and vehicle safety questions such as to identify where you would check the engine oil level and how you would check that the engine has sufficient oil or how you would check that the lights and reflectors are clean and working. You will then have a test of driving ability, a test of specific maneuvers, and a question about riding with a passenger such as what would you tell an inexperienced person who was going to be your pillion passenger? Or, before carrying a pillion passenger, what would you consider adjusting on your bike?

Once you have done this, you can move on to module two of your motorbike test, which consists entirely of riding on the road while you will be followed by a DVSA examiner. This test lasts around 35 minutes. The first ten minutes of the test involves riding independently, so, for example, you will need to follow road signs to a specific destination, which is for you to demonstrate your multitasking abilities to ride safely at the same time as reading road signs and markings. If you go the wrong way, it doesn't actually matter, as long ride safely and correctly.

During the test, you might mess up, and if this is the case, then the key is not to panic but to should continue riding. If you have committed a serious fault, then the examiner will probably not tell you, but allow you to carry on the test so that you get the full experience. However, if you commit a dangerous fault, then the examiner will end the test, and you will have to telephone the office so that an instructor can come to escort you back.

During the motorbike test, you can accrue up to ten rider faults for minor mistakes, this includes things like missing an observation - more than ten rider faults mean that you will not pass the test, and also if you get several of the same type but less than ten, then you may also fail.

Normally, it's recommended to take the two tests separately and allowing at least three clear working days between taking your Module one test and your Module two Test. This is because, if you fail the Module one Test, then you need three working days' notice to cancel or rearrange your Module two-Test, or you will have to pay for the Module two-Test in full again.

If you fail your Module two-Test, then you will have to wait ten working days before you can take the test again. Please bear in mind that all the certificates (CBT, Theory, and Module One) have varying life spans, and they must all be valid for you to be able to take the test.

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