Full Length Module 1 Training Area Earlswood

Full Length Module 1 Training Area Earlswood
Are you finding your bike test intimidating? Or have you been stuck with the L plates? Ridesure Motorcycle Training is here to help. We have the Full Length Module 1 Training Area Earlswood bikers need to take larger bike classes.
Who we are
Since our establishment in 2003, we have become one of the best motorcycle training schools in Earlswood and the surrounding areas.
Ridesure Motorcycle Training has provided high-quality instructions to thousands of riders.
Our instructors are ardent riders with years of experience riding all types of bikes year-round.
Ridesure expert trainers are eager to share their experiences and tips to guarantee you leave with a genuine understanding of safe riding knowledge and experience.
Our services
In module 1, you will be required to perform certain manoeuvres at minimum speeds of 50kph or 30kph.
You may be required to ride slow, perform a U-turn, do emergency braking and perform other exercises to demonstrate good control of your bike.
These tests are conducted in a secure off-road environment, allowing you to be tested at set speeds on trickier manoeuvres.
After passing module 1, you will receive the certificate linked to your theory tests certificate. You are advised to complete the next module before your theory test expires.
While you can do this on the same day, we advise scheduling it on different days since you will be unable to take module 2 if you fail the module 1 test.
Why you should choose us
Friendly, professional trainers: Our knowledgeable staff is available to assist you in learning to ride safely, obtaining your license, and having fun while doing so.
Excellent bikes: we use only the best bikes for our training sessions
Relaxed atmosphere: At Ridesure, we assure you of a serene, safe, and fun environment for riding.
Required documents for module 1 training
CBT certificate
You must complete Compulsory Basic Training before operating a motorcycle or scooter on public roads. As you prepare for your comprehensive motorbike or moped test, the training ensures you can ride safely without help.
Theory test pass certificate
You will need a theory test pass certificate to book and take a riding test. The pass certificate number is valid for two years. If you fail to pass your riding test on time, you must take another theory test.
UK licence photocard
A license photocard carries the license holder's photograph and signature. This was an EU directive issued to member states.
What protective clothing do you need?
The Driving Standards Agency requires learner motorcyclists to wear suitable clothing when taking their motorcycle tests. The minimum level of acceptable clothing includes
Motorcycle helmet with CE approval
Boots for motorcycles
Dependable shoes or boots that shield the ankles and offer support
Motorbike pants made of leather or textile
Heavy denim jacket with numerous layers below
Motorcycle jacket made of textiles or leather
Contact us today
Talk to our expert on 01483 278236 regarding all the questions and information you need to complete the full length module 1 training. You can also email us at enquiries@ridesuretraining.com.

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