Enhanced Rider Scheme Earlswood

Enhanced Rider Scheme Earlswood

Motorcycles have spiked the interest of many in the UK and beyond. There has reportedly been a 131% increase in registered motorcyclists in the UK in the last two decades. Still, motorcyclists are in a pronounced minority, but this doesn't stop them from being exposed to a higher risk of injury or death than car drivers. Several factors may cause motorcycle accidents, some of which riders can circumvent with additional training or instruction. Luckily, trusted motorcycle training schools like Ride Sure Training can help you hone your biking skills.

What Is The Enhanced Rider Scheme?
The Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) introduced the Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) to help motorcyclists sharpen their existing riding skills and become better and safer riders. It is intended to benefit every bike rider in the UK with a full motorcycle licence(category A2 or A), regardless of their bike's size or their level of experience.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme assesses your motorcycle riding skills and offers training to help you improve. After completing this scheme, you may be eligible for a discount on your motorcycle insurance. Our Enhanced Rider Scheme Earlswood training is worth considering if you are returning to riding after a long hiatus or have recently passed your test. You may also benefit from this scheme training if you upgrade to a more powerful motorcycle, are eager to know your riding standard, or are simply looking to boost your riding skills.

How The Scheme Operates
The Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment isn't a test, so there are no passes or fails. It is simply an assessment of your present riding ability based on the syllabus given by the DVSA. For starters, you will have a rider assessment with one of Ride Sure Training's DVSA-approved Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainers. Your assessment will involve riding in various road and traffic conditions like motorways and dual-carriageways, urban areas, country lanes, and national speed limit roads. Your route will also include a slow control exercise, usually a U-turn. The test lasts one-and-a-half hours, so your instructor will have enough time to assess your riding skills thoroughly.

Your instructor will discuss the ride with you at the end. You will receive a DVSA Certificate of Competence immediately if your assessment shows your riding skills are perfect. If not, they will discuss subpar aspects of your riding and devise an Enhanced Rider scheme Earlswood training plan to help you improve.

Further Training
Ride Safe Training's personalised training programmes can help you sharpen your riding skills if your assessment reveals that you could do with further training. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will ride at the necessary standards and get your DVSA Certificate of Competence after training with us. The type of Enhanced Rider Scheme Earlswood training you will receive depends on what you need to improve. In addition, it may consist of one or more two, three or four-hour training sessions.

Why Choose Us For Your ERS Training?
We provide top-notch personal instruction in a great atmosphere with the best facilities for perfecting your riding skills. Also, our highly-qualified instructors are eager to help you become a better rider, so it is no surprise that our pass rates are well above average.

Contact us today at https://www.ridesuretraining.com/contact.php to get started.

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