Motorbike Tests Cranleigh

We offer motorbike tests Cranleigh for new and experienced riders. If you have already passed your CBT and theory test and you are looking to book your practical test, get in touch today.

At Ridesure Motorcycle Training, we have a lot of experience administering tests and we can walk you through the process to increase your chances of passing. Every test is split into two parts; module 1 and module 2. At our test centre, you are able to take both parts in a single day if you like, but we recommend that you split them up. There’s no need to rush because module 1 is valid until your theory expires, so you’ve got plenty of time to pass module 2.

When you start your motorbike test Cranleigh, you begin with module 1, which is only 15 minutes long. You will be expected to perform a range of different manoeuvers including a U-turn, slalom and swerve and brake tests. Each part will be carried out separately and the manoeuver will be explained before you do it, so you are clear on what is expected. We have plenty of space for you to do this comfortably, so you can focus on riding without any outside distractions.

After completing the first module, you are then eligible to take module 2. Although some people do this on the same day, we usually recommend splitting them up and doing it on a different day. However, it’s completely up to you how you want to take your tests, we are just here to make sure you have everything you need on the day.

Module 2 doesn’t involve the same exercises that you perform in module 1, it’s all about your general riding ability. You will complete a 40 minute ride on real roads and your instructor will watch you closely to see how well you respond to other drivers and riders around you, how safe you are, and how well you control the vehicle.

During the practical test, you will also be asked questions about riding with passengers, vehicle safety, and vehicle maintenance. You will also be asked to complete an eyesight test to ensure that you have good visibility while riding.

Here at Ridesure training, we can help you prepare for your motorbike test Cranleigh. We have everything set up to practice on-site, and we even use a speed gun to ensure that you are driving at a safe speed. So, when you start your test, you will already be sure that you have the right skills and experience to pass.

We charge £15.50 for module 1 and £75 for module 2, so it won’t cost you that much to get your full license. If you have already passed your CBT and your theory test, you are ready for your full test. Our test centre has everything you need to prepare yourself and take the test comfortably, increasing your chances of passing. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today via phone or email to book your test!

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