CBT Cranleigh

If you are interested in getting your motorbike license and you are looking for somewhere to do your CBT Cranleigh, Ridesure Motorcycle Training is here to help. We have an experienced team of instructors to help you through the CBT process and get you ready to move forward with your training and get your full license.

We recommend that you come in and do your CBT first before deciding when to book yourself in for your practical test, especially if you have never ridden before. Any novices can learn the basics of riding and decide whether they like it or not. You also get a good idea of what skill level you are at right now and which areas you need more help with. We can then help you prepare for the next stage of your motorcycle training.

Any complete beginners can take a 2 hour introductory course with one of our instructors to learn the basics and gain confidence. This will help you prepare for your CBT test so you will breeze through it without any problems.

We are not the cheapest CBT Cranleigh test centre, but we offer the most comprehensive package. The cheaper schools don’t have the same facilities or the experienced instructors that we do. Many schools also offer a low price upfront but then add extra charges for petrol etc. You don’t get that when you come to us to take your CBT test because we have excellent facilities like a 1000ft practice area, a dedicated classroom, and all of the gear that you need (helmets, gloves etc.) You don’t get this full service at a lot of places but we like to do things properly.

Most of our CBT courses take place on the weekends but we do have some weekday availability if that suits you best. You can get everything completed in a single day, but it’s a full day of training plus a 2 hour road ride, which is required by law. Overall, you can expect to be at the test centre from 8.45am until 4 or 5pm. In this time, you will start with a basic introduction before moving on to practical on-site training and practical on-site riding. From here, you will then do your practical on-road training before finishing with the 2 hour practical on-road ride. Once our instructors are satisfied that you have completed each section, you will be allowed to move on to the next area.

If you are looking for the best CBT Cranleigh test centre, look no further. We know that there are other places that will do it a bit cheaper, but you get what you pay for. We have the best facilities around, so you can get a real sense of what it is like to drive on the roads before you have to complete your 2 hour ride, meaning you feel much more comfortable. We’ll also provide any gear that you need and our expert instructors will be there to give you tips and advice along the way. So, if you are looking to start your motorcycle training journey and you want to book in to do your CBT, get in touch via phone or email today!

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