Enhanced Rider Scheme Cranleigh

If you are a qualified motorcycle rider, you may benefit from taking an enhanced rider course to improve your skills. We offer a full range of enhanced rider scheme Cranleigh courses to boost your confidence and improve your riding ability in a number of different situations. Although many people assume that they are fine as soon as they have passed their practical test, there are a lot of big benefits to completing an enhanced course after passing.

Developing your riding skill through one of our enhanced courses will ultimately mean that you are safer on the roads and you can enjoy riding. This is particularly useful for new riders that, even though they have passed their test, still feel a bit inexperienced and want some more practice.

It also gives you a big confidence boost because you feel more in control of your bike when you are riding. Many people find that riding their bike is so much more fun after they have completed an enhanced rider course because of the increased confidence.

The other major benefit of entering the enhanced rider scheme Cranleigh is that you can save money on your insurance. Finishing one of these courses demonstrates your improved riding skills and shows the insurance company that you know how to operate the vehicle safely and responsibly. As a result, your insurance premiums are likely to come down after finishing the course.

While many people take the enhanced rider scheme right away to improve their skills and hopefully save some money on their insurance, it’s useful for any riders at any time. If you have recently passed your test, it’s a good idea to go for an enhanced rider scheme. It’s also great for people that have already passed a long time ago but haven’t ridden for a while. The training programme will help you brush up on your skills so you feel ready to start riding again. People often take the course if they are upgrading to a larger bike too. More power means higher risk, so it’s more important that you have complete control over the vehicle.

Finding the right instructor for your enhanced rider scheme Cranleigh is crucial, which is why Ridesure Motorcycle Training is the best place in the area. We have a number of experienced instructors, many of whom have police training, so you know that you are in good hands. We also have a 1000ft practice area and an on-site classroom filled with plenty of great materials for use on the course. Other training companies in the area cannot match our facilities so if you want the best, come to us.

If you are looking for an enhanced rider scheme Cranleigh, Ridesure Motorcycle Training is the best place for you. Our experienced instructors and amazing facilities mean that you will get so much more out of your course. So, if you want to improve your riding skills, be more confident on the road, and save money on your insurance, get in touch via email or phone today to book your course!

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