Full Length Module Cranleigh

The practical motorcycle riding test can be quite intimidating, which is why a lot of people avoid it. Once you have completed your CBT, you can ride on learner plates and many people decide to stay at this point without progressing their training any further.

The problem is, you are unable to move on to larger bikes unless you take that test, and you will feel much more comfortable on the roads once you do. We can help you through the process and make sure that you are prepared, starting with our full length module Cranleigh.

The practical test is split into two halves; module 1 and module 2. The first module is an on-site test that involves a number of different exercises to show that you have control over the vehicle and you can operate it safely. Many riders struggle with this because they simply can’t get the practice in. You are expected to do a figure of eight, emergency stops, and turns in the road. You need a lot of space to practice this, which is where our full length module comes in.

We have the space to set the practice area out exactly the way that it will be on the day. So, when you practice, you can do everything properly and you know precisely what to expect when you come to take the real test. You can even take the test at our facility, so you are on familiar territory and you can drastically increase your chances of passing the test.

Our instructors have over 400 years of combined experience and many of them trained as motorcycle riders with the police. We have trained countless riders and administered plenty of tests, so we have the knowledge and experience to help you train on our full length module Cranleigh and pass your test.

Once we have helped you through module 1 and the instructor is confident that you have met the requirements, you can move onto module two. We don’t need a full length module to practice for this section because it takes place mostly on the road. After an eyesight test and some questions about the vehicle and how to operate it safely, you will then hit the road for a 2 hour assessment. During this time, you need to prove that you can handle the bike in real conditions and maintain safety.

It’s more difficult to prepare for module 2 of your practical test because it’s unpredictable. You never know what other road users will do or what the conditions will be like, so it’s important that you are prepared for anything. Module 1, on the other hand, is simple to prepare for with our full length module Cranleigh facility. If you take your test elsewhere, you won’t be anywhere near as prepared as you will when you train with us. If you have already passed your CBT and theory test and you are ready to start your practical test, get in touch via phone or email today to take advantage of our amazing training facility!

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