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2017/18 sees the DVSA taking another look at CBT and its structure, Instructor qualifications, theory test before CBT etc. Watch this space for more changes.

There is also a possibility that A2 will be upgraded by training rather than test, however this may not be in the near future.

From 2013 there have been changes to categories and sizes of bikes.

Category AM is moped which can be ridden from age 16. Category A1 is aged 17-19 and is restricted to 125cc maximum of 14.6bhp. To progress to A2 you will need to retest on that category of machine Between 19 and 24 you can ride a bike of 47bhp provided you take your test on that power bike. Again to get a full unrestricted licence you will have to retest , either after 2 years or at age 24 on a 600cc bike of at least 53bhp

DSA reminds motorcycle candidates to dress appropriately, see the "Your Test" page for details.

Test Passes

Although the figures look pretty consistent they really are only a rough guide. People fail tests because they are tests. There are very few that fail because they are not capable. Most times it is one error due to overthinking and nerves. Sometimes a person can fail more than once for the same reasons. For all that, as you can see the vast majority do pass.

2017 Mod 1 174 out of 216 at 81% and Mod2 188 out of 227 at 83%

2016 Mod1 175 out of 217  at 81% and Mod2 177 out of 218 at 81%

2015 was very similar to last year with 164 mod 1's and 166 mod 2's both at 81%

Well 2014 was a pretty busy year. We had  168 mod 1 passes and 163 mod 2 passes both at a pass rate of 81%.

2013 was a quieter year for all schools and the DSA . Far fewer motorcycle tests were taken , mostly due to the new test changes.

We did 151 Module 1's with 128 passes at a pass rate of 85%, and 166 module 2's with 133 passes at 80%

For 2012 we  had 242 module 1's with 184 passes at 76% which is down on last year. Unfortunately nerves really got to a few people who had a few attempts , but all got there in the end.

For module 2 we have had 211 with 169 passes at 81%. A very good year in terms of the number of students, so thank you very much for choosing us and recommending us.

2011. This year we had a total of 154 mod 1's with 128 passes at 83%. For mod 2 there were 164 with 141 passes at 86%, so apart from the snow , all in all a good year for us and our candidates.

We mostly use Burgess Hill or Farnborough, the statistics are below

DSA test pass statistics


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Theory test

A great resource for theory test questions as well as other useful stuff. CLICK HERE



DSA test statistics 2011 (83kb)

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