Test fees ( to be added to total days depending on which test you are taking )

  • Theory test is £23. 
  • Practical test is £15.50 for module one and £75 for module two, total £90.50. 

These are set by the DSA and we have no control over them.

Book your theory test here

CBT £175

Fully inclusive of bike, fuel, insurance and clothing




Refresher or Advanced

£185 1/2 Day on Our Bike.

£170 on Own Bike

 £280 Full Day on Our Bike.

 £260 on Own Bike

Price is for one to one
2hr Intro  £60    
Direct Access A1 and A2      
1/2 day £135  1/2 day + Mod 1       £150.50

1/2 day+Mod2                £210.50       

1/2 day+Mod1&2       £225.50              
 1 day £189

 1 day + Mod 1      £204.50

1 day + Mod 2   £264

1 day + Mod 1&2    £279.50
 2 days £378  2 days + Mod 1    £393.50  2 days + Mod 2   £453 2 days + Mod 1&2    £468.50
 3 days £567  3 days + Mod 1    £582.50  3 days + Mod 2 £642 3 days + Mod 1&2 £657.50
 4 days £756  4 days +  Mod1    £771.50  4 days + Mod 2 £831  4 days + Mod1&2 £846.50
 5 days £945  5 days + Mod 1    £960.50  5 days + Mod 2 £1020  5 days + Mod 1&2 £1035.50


  • Please note that for CBT we would like you to pay in advance, by bank transfer or by card over the phone when you book, and for other courses we will require a £200 deposit. Balance to be paid 7 days prior to the start of the course, which is non refundable should you fail to complete your training through your own decision . Your place is not confirmed until we have had this unless by prior arrangement.
  • Please also bear in mind that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and to take part in motorcycle training can result in you being injured should you fall off. If this should happen please remember you had the choice whether to take part and we did not make you fall over. Motorcycles do not balance themselves very well. You need to do that.
  • If you should damage our equipment there is a £500 policy excess for any claim. In most cases it is much cheaper to pay for parts. We would expect you to pay this if it is your fault. There is an inexpensive damage waiver for peace of mind. We wont lose any sleep over cosmetic items , but breakages mean we can't use the bike so they need to be repaired see payment policy.
  • All above include bike, petrol , insurance, clothing etc. For some test days we may only charge 1/2 day but it is dependant on test time and start and return times so will only be arranged based on individual circumstances. Example : arrive at 9am test at 10:10 return at 12:15.
  • Please tell us at the time of booking or attending if you have any conditions that may affect your training, ie diabetes, ADHD, disablities. It doesnt mean we won't train you at all , but we NEED to know so we can look after you.

Note we reserve the right to discontinue all offers via this website without notice prior to booking being taken.

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