Training during Coronavirus

Training during Coronavirus

 No training is available during lockdown periods.


We are able to carry out CBT's with no restrictions at the moment. We are taking precautions to keep our distance from each other and yourselves. We have a strict cleaning regime and surgical scrub etc. Booking is just the normal procedure of contacting us.

General Licence Training

We can do our usual test training days. We can also present for tests provided DVSA are carrying them out.

Post test, advanced and refresher training

At the moment all of this is unrestricted, so if you want to work on your riding, or you intend to start riding again, or you feel as we do that motorcycling is the safe way to travel during these times, then we can certainly help. We can work on individual aspects such as slow riding control, overtaking, forward planning, riding in cities, filtering, passenger carrying etc.

Clothing and equipment

As you can appreciate that although we usually have all clothing and equipment for student use. These times are presenting us with problems keeping things clean and sanitised. Each time someone tries on one of our helmets or jackets, we have to take them out of circulation for 72 hrs. So if for example, you are not sure of your size and try 3 of our helmets on, that is 3 helmets we cannot use for 3 days. Now that winter is arriving, we cannot wash our kit every day like we could in the summer, so we will have a shortage as well as piles of wet kit that we cannot use.

We urge you to try to attend with your own helmet, clothing and earpiece during the course of the pandemic. It will be safer for you as well as us. For Licence courses, you will have to provide your kit as you will need it anyway as soon as you have passed your test


Obviously we all have an obligation to keep each other safe during the pandemic. In order to be able to offer training, we have introduced measures for both us and our customers. Our staff procedures have been added to our own operation manual, but below are what we will require you to do:-

1/ Please can you bring your own kit ( Helmet, gloves etc.) As stated above

1a/ If you have to use our kit, you will be able to come in one person at a time to select it. Once you have it, keep it with you until the end of training. Do not put it back with the other kit as we are going to keep it separate once you have returned it.

1b/ We have some under gloves for protection, so please put those under our gloves.

2/ We will not shake hands etc. when you arrive, nor should you.

3/ Please bring your own food and drink as we will not be able to offer you any.

4/ Please bring your own earpiece to plug into our radio to try to avoid contamination if you can. They are a standard 3.5mm jack.

5/ Please make sure you are warm enough.

6/ Bring a face covering like a neck tube.

7/ Training will be carried out, outside where possible. If we use the classroom, we will be social distancing with masks. 

8/ When you arrive, you will need to be able to get to the training areas that are around the airfield. To walk from our unit to the overshoot, which is our main site, is only 5 minutes. The other sites are a bit further.

9/ If you show symptoms, we will send you home, so please do not come if you are showing any. Likewise, if someone in your household etc. is showing symptoms, there is still a need for you to isolate. Do not put getting a CBT before yours and everyone else’s health. It would help if we knew asap, so that we can fill that place.

10/ Customers WILL NOT be allowed into the office under any circumstances. The space is too small.

11/ To enter the classroom, you must sanitise your hands.

12/ If you go to the toilet, please take an anti-bacterial wipe with you for the handles etc.

If we can all follow these rules as much as practicable, we can keep each other from transmission. There may be a time when an instructor needs to get close to you, either to help you with your bike control, or should you have a fall. If this is required, the instructor will be wearing, gloves, a face covering, or a helmet.

 Thankyou for reading this, please do not be afraid to contact us if you want to discuss any concerns.

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