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Acknowledgement of the risks of motorcycling

It is important that all trainees think very carefully about the risks they are undertaking when they ride a motorcycle.

It must be understood by all trainees that there can be accidents and that a number of people die, whilst others are permanently disabled or sustain serious injuries riding motorcycles on UK roads.

All trainees must appreciate that they participate in training entirely at their own risk.

It must be accepted by all trainees that where an accident occurs, any fault on the part of Ridesure will not be the principal cause of any injury sustained. The dominant cause of any injury will be the fact that motorcycling can be dangerous, particularly where a rider is inexperienced.

Trainees must take responsibility for their own riding.

Ridesure is not prepared to accept personal injury claims brought by trainees who have willingly participated. Any claims will be vigorously defended, and this form will be used as evidence of the trainee's acknowledgement of the risks inherent in motorcycling and that the dominant cause of any serious injury will be his/her voluntary decision to take part in motorcycling rather than any alleged negligence by the Company or any other party involved in the training.

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