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Don't forget you will need a valid Motorcycle theory test and CBT before you can take a practical test.

The test is in two parts , module one and module two. They can be taken separately or together but one must be passed before taking two. our advice is usually to separate them. Module one is valid until your theory test expires. If you don't pass module one there is a 3 clear day wait before re-taking. For module two there is a ten clear day wait for retest. The cost of module one is £15.50. Module two is £75.

Module one consists of about 15 minutes of exercises carried out at the DSA's Multi purpose Test Centre on their maneouvering area(MMA as they call it), including a U turn , Slalom, Fig 8 and swerve and brake tests. Once completed you are eligible for your part two, which is detailed below.  On this area are the various exercises shown on the diagram. You will carry them out one at a time and they will be explained to you fully before you move off. Please make sure you treat it as if you are on the road because they WILL be watching to see that you do the correct observations etc before moving off.

Obviously this needs a fair amount of space, which we fortunately have here at the aerodrome.

Module 2 is about a 40 minute road ride. You will not have to do any further exercises on the road.

The two parts can be taken seperately or together depending on choice and availability.

Below is a link to the DVSA web site. The diagram is the layout for the maneouvres you will have to complete. We have this on our site and can practice all the exercises fully, including a speed gun so you will KNOW you are reaching the standard before you ever go to test.

Module 1 test diagrams

The practical motorcycle test is made up of lots of different elements, an eyesight test, vehicle safety questions, a test of driving ability, a test of specific manoeuvres and a question about riding with a passenger.

At the test centre you must present a valid certificate DL196 , your UK driving licence, theory pass and mod one pass when taking mod 2.

Vehicle safety check questions and eyesight test before you actually start your Module 2, you will be asked to read a number plate to prove you can meet the eyesight requirements. You will also be asked two machine safety check questions and one pillion related question before moving away.

To see a list of all the possible combinations of questions you can be asked by the examiner, see below.

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Your Test: Video
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